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The Cosmopolitan Island of the Aegean

Rhodes is the biggest island of the Dodecanese and is the capital of this group of Greek Islands. It is world known for its Colossus in antiquity. It is located between Karpathos and Kos and it is, along with Santorini and Mykonos, one of the most famous destinations. The capital lies outside and within the walls of a very well preserved Venetian castle, built by the Knights of Saint John. Its medieval castles, its interesting sites, its many Byzantine churches, the amazing views and the clean beaches have made this island world famous, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Rhodes offers a wide variety of activities and sites of interest. Have a look below at the things you can do and see while being on this magnificent island! Rhodes used to be the god of Sun Helios’ island. According to mythology, he had fallen in love with the nymph Rhodes, and when he shone his light on her, she was transformed into the island. The name means “rose” and the island is known since antiquity as a flowery place. The ancient Greeks used to call Rhodes “the Island of Sun” because of its patron god, and other names that the island has had are Ofioussa (“Snake island”), Asteria (“Star island”), Makaria (“Beauty”) and Ataviros (its highest mountain). The first inhabitants were probably the Minonans, Cretans, followed by Dorians at the end of the 2nd Millennium BC. The first inhabitants probably called the island Telchinia. Rhodes was soon to become one of the most powerful islands with its strong military and commercial fleet.


“Diagoras” Rhodes International Airport (RHO) is located 14 km southwest of the city of Rhodes, near Paradissi village. The airport serves both scheduled and charter flights, especially during summer, when tourist traffic is increased. The city of Rhodes is about 20 minutes’ drive from the airport. You can also reach the airport by bus; the bus terminal is 300m to the left of the main airport entrance. Bus service is quite frequent and the trip to the city centre is approximately 40 minutes. The ticket costs 2 euros. From Rhodes Airport, you can also reach any destination by taxi; the taxi rank is situated at the exit of the airport. The taxi ride to the city centre lasts about 20 minutes.

The airport features the following facilities: car rental agencies, a bank, an exchange office, ATMs, restaurants, cafeterias, duty free shops and luggage storage services. It is suitably equipped for people with special needs and also features a medical center and special facilities for business travellers.
Airport Call Center: +30 22410 88700 and +30 22410 83210