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Dortmund Airport

Useful hints about how to get to the airport

Simply take the free of charge shuttle bus in front of the airport which will take you in 5 minutes to Holzwickede station from where you have easy train access to Dortmund railway station and further destinations in the region.

By car: The airport is located at the eastern edge of the Ruhr region, the fastest and easiest the way to reach it from all directions is over the motorways. The airport is located near the A40 (B1). Using the Exit Holzwickede/Dortmund-Wickede, you will be directly lead the terminal, parking-houses and the parking places of Dortmund airport.

Bus: From Holzwickede station, a free of charge shuttle bus is available, which drives regularly every 15 minutes between 05.00 am and 23.00 pm, departing at Holzwickede station. At Holzwickede station there are 8 regional-train services each hour. For further information on schedules please click here.

Train: Dortmund airport may also be reached from Dortmund main station by the city regular train U 47 until Aplerbeck, and then by the regular bus 440 (see the schedule below). From Unna station directly to the Terminal the VKU-regular bus C41 is available every hour.

Shuttle bus: First of all there is a free shuttle bus service from the airport to the railway station “Holzwickede” (only 1 km air distance) and back. The bus needs approximately 10 minutes to reach the airport and returns immediately so that no long waiting times can occur.

Taxi: A taxi stand is situated just in front of the airport. A taxi ride between Dortmund city centre and the airport takes about 25 minutes and will cost about € 20.

Parking: There are approximately 3.600 available parking places. A regular and free of charge pendulum bus is available to pick-up passengers from all parking places to the terminal and v.v.