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When you fly to the United States, special regulations apply

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Dietary requirements

Should you require a special diet, Hellenic Imperial Airways caters for all passengers’ needs. 

Dietary requirements
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Information on dietary requirements

At Hellenic Imperial Airways we aim to please and cater for our passengers’ needs by implementing high standards of service. We therefore offer our passengers the best of meals on board with a wide variety depending on your flight’s departure time and destination. There are 3 different meal choices on board, vegetarian and two choices of the day, from which you can choose during the flight.

All our meals have been supervised by the Hellenic Chef’s Association to assure you with the utmost excellence in quality and taste, making your meal a pleasant experience on your flight.

Should you require a special diet for medical or religious reasons or simply due to specific taste, you may request a special meal. Special meals are offered upon request 48 hours before the flight and are divided in 3 categories:

  • Diabetic meal
  • Gluten free meal
  • Religious meal 

Please inform your travel agent or our reservations department during the reservation of your flight about your special requirements.

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